Upgrading To 4.x from 3.x

High Impact Changes

Medium Impact Changes

Low Impact Changes

Renamed project namespace

You should update the following dependency in your application's composer.json file:


    "require": {
        "dragon-code/laravel-migration-actions": "^3.0"


    "require": {
        "dragon-code/laravel-actions": "^4.0"

Then you need to update the dependencies:

composer update

Changing the names of console commands

Old NameNew Name
php artisan make:migration:actionphp artisan make:action
php artisan migrate:actionsphp artisan actions
php artisan migrate:actions:installphp artisan actions:install
php artisan migrate:actions:freshphp artisan actions:fresh
php artisan migrate:actions:refreshphp artisan actions:refresh
php artisan migrate:actions:resetphp artisan actions:reset
php artisan migrate:actions:rollbackphp artisan actions:rollback
php artisan migrate:actions:statusphp artisan actions:status
php artisan migrate:actions:upgradephp artisan actions:upgrade

Names::MIGRATE constant name changed





Changed the default name of the table for storing actions

The new table name is actions.

You can also specify any name in the application settingsopen in new window.